Sustainability Forum Middle East to Host High-Level Roundtable on the Rapid Growth of MENA’s Electric Vehicle Market

ManamaFebruary 24, 2024 – Sustainability Forum Middle East (SFME), a regional platform dedicated to driving net zero and nature positive solutions, today announced that it will hold its next high-level roundtable on “Green Mobility and the Growth of MENA’s ’s EV Market” in Manama on 4 March 2024. This is first in the Forum’s 2024 Decarbonisation Roundtable Series, which take place throughout the region focusing on topics crucial to MENA’s net-zero journey.

The event is being held in partnership with 1st Motors, a leading dealer of electric vehicles in Bahrain, and Infracorp, a Lead Partner of Sustainability Forum Middle East, and the venue partner for the roundtable. In conjunction with the roundtable, Infracorp will also officially sign its partnership with Solar One Bahrain to operate the electrical charging station for e-vehicles in Bahrain Harbour, making it the first community to cater to EV owners.

The roundtable will bring together regional experts in transportation and sustainability to address the critical need to decarbonize the sector and important role of electric vehicles (EVs) in the drive to achieve net-zero emissions targets. Globally, the transportation sector contributes significantly to overall carbon emissions with the UN putting its contributions at 13% of total global greenhouse gas emissions and 23% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions. Of these, three-fourths come from road traffic alone.

Panelists will address the global challenge posed by transport-related emissions and regional efforts and progress in driving sustainable mobility solutions including ever growing demand from MENA consumers for electric mobility. Experts will explore the necessary actions and collaborations to support the adoption of electric mobility, with a focus on EV technology, charging infrastructure, and policy frameworks.

Commenting on the event, Ms. Laila Danesh, Managing Director of FinMark Communications, the Forum’s founder and organizer, said, “We are delighted to kick off our 2024 Roundtable Series with a look at the fast-growing regional EV market. According to a recent study by Deloitte, MENA’s EV market is set to reach US$7.65 billion by 2028, up from US$2.7 billion in 2023, a massive leap and indication that green mobility is on the rise. Our panel of experts will delve into what’s driving this growth, challenges impacting large-scale adoption as well as the solutions and investments necessary to address them.”

Abdulaziz Tawfeeqi, Director of Development of Infracorp, added, “As a Lead Partner of Sustainability Forum Middle East, Infracorp is committed to driving positive change and promoting initiatives that advance local and regional sustainability. We are focused on supporting the growth of the infrastructure needed to promote the uptake of electric vehicles and look forward to signing our partnership with Solar One Bahrain to enable EV charging in Bahrain Harbour. In our investments and development projects, we aim to contribute to carbon-neutrality, and the decarbonisation of mobility is one essential component to a greener future.”

Mr. Nawaf Khaled Al Zayani, First Motors Managing Director, said, “The rapid growth of the EV market in Bahrain and around the region represents an exciting opportunity for our industry to exert leadership and play an important role in supporting the government’s decarbonisation goals. Our customers are embracing electric mobility, and we are working hard to provide them with a range of options and choices to help them make the shift. The rise of electric vehicles represents a crucial component to sustainable mobility, and we look forward to engaging with stakeholders to share insights and ideas on how to accelerate their adoption.”

Sustainability Forum Middle East remains dedicated to fostering dialogue and collaboration on decarbonisation initiatives in the region. The roundtable serves as a platform for stakeholders to exchange insights, explore opportunities, and drive meaningful action towards achieving net-zero emissions.

Supporting the Forum are a group of partners dedicated to regional climate action. These include Lead Partners: Bank ABC and Infracorp, Strategic Partners: Tamkeen, Bapco Energies and Standard Chartered Bank, Forum Partners: APM Terminals Bahrain, Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard (Asry), Zu’bi & Partners, The Bahrain Ship Repairing and Engineering Company (BASREC) and American Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain, Official Carrier: Gulf Air Group, and Media Partners: Asharq Business with Bloomberg, BFT and OGN.


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